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// April 2019.

How to tell the world about Love?

I believe that inside every person there's love for something/someone.
As I growing up, I learn that it's okay to change, it's okay to be honest to yourself; it's okay to not living in nowadays-trend; it's okay to be kind to others who is different from you (you know what I mean :D)

In my own perception if you want to know about Love, you have to know who is The True Love.
For me my true love is God; it was in 2001 when my heart touched by His Love.
I was a senior high school student back then; that's a life changing moment for me.

Being born and raised in multi-etnic religion, I started to question who is God, who is the real Creator and why I am here on earth; thats my questions when I was in elementary school; maybe I was 7 years old back then. I remember at that time I was just like talk to 'God' if You are real please show me the Truth. And He is no joke to a little girl request, He answered my question when I was 15 years old, in my senior high school. God did not forget about me :)

As time passed by, I started to learn about His word, what He said about me : that I'm worthy and precious on His sight. He love me not because of what I do, but because He is the True Love and He is my creator.

I am an introvert person who love art and craft. Mostly I spending my time to read books.
In 2010 as a newlywed I try to open my own online shop that selling scrapbook. Sometimes I make scrapbook creation by client request. Also I frequently teach in scrapbook workshop, which I really enjoy so much :)

In the same year I make a blog : PaperFlavour.com; where I post my latest scrapbook projects. Annualy I join some of scrapbook communities and challenges so I can learn to be a better scrapbooker.

After became a mother in 2013, I started to reduce my scrapbook activity and took a break from my online shop. This is where my new journey began without I realized; I grow to be a mother and at the same time little-by-little I decided to let go my scrapbook business.
A bittersweet goodbye; I called it. Because its not easy for me to let go, but I want to trust God for all things. At that time, my priorities are change : family first before business.

During my motherhood journey I struggle a lot; I love to make something like art project but when become a full time mom; I dont have much time to do my hobbies. Since I learn about the Word of God, I learn that if God mean to a thing happend, He will make it happend; so when its hard for me during this up-and-down in my motherhood and business journey, I decided to lean on Him, to trust His plan for my life although I can't see it.

This year is a new year, I want to be myself, not to be others. I want to trust more in God, not trust my own. I want to write, to cook, to travel a lot, to share about His love for me so others can feel His Kindness too.

I want to write about all things that I love : family, faith and art.

I hope to inspire more people with my works and posts.
Thank you for dropping by :)

love + pray,
Padni T.

"You are the light of the world.
A city on a hill cannot be hidden."
[Matthew 5:14]

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