Hi and hello ~ Welcome to Paper Flavour.
Paper Flavour is a scrapbooking and family blog.
My name is Padni but you call me Pad.
I'm living in Jakarta with my family.

Here's a peek about me :
A wife to a passionate photographer.
A blessed mom to two precious kids.
Educated as graphic designer, but choosing to be a crafter.
A memory-keeper who loves scrapbook, photography and journaling.
Become a believer on 2001, the greatest day in my whole life.
Love the people with peaceful act, kindhearted and honest spirit (maybe you're the one?).

Back on 2010 when I started Paper Flavour as an online shop to sell scrapbook supplies, workshop and service. But on end of 2017 I decided to make it as a platform for me to share about what I love : craft, family and life.

I have a dream to have my own work+shop that contains crafty stuffs and classes someday.
Thank you for visiting Paper Flavour and reading my posts.

Have a blessed day!

- pad -

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