how are you

Hi, how are you ?
Its a little weird to ask how are you, virtually.
But those 3 words were a day-changer mantra for me.

How are you?
Apa kabarmu? (translated in bahasa indonesia)

A 3-magic-words that may change your thinking, day and life.
You can choose to answer it with pretend-to-be-okay-style, or, you can be honest with yourself and answer it raw - just be you.

I hate what I'm doing right now.
   I feel so alone.
I want to cry, I feel so stress today.
   I am happy.
I want to drink boba-tea with 100% sugar.
   I am sad. I am mad. I hate to be here.

Maybe someday I will answer with one of words on that list above.

But today I just want to write.
Words are flying in my head, so here I am, typing sentences in front of my dekstop.
Trying to pour out what inside my mind.
I used to confused if I prefer to write in English or Bahasa, but for now I just want to let it flow.

me and my little emily, 2019. Photo was taken by @yuniarjohan with pentax analog photography #filmphotography

Every year passed by, I thought deeper about this life.
About my life, my family, and this world we live in. Maybe it wont be better, but I believe we will always be able to find at least a reason to be grateful for.

So, how are you today?

- Pad -
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