Memories Monday : Project Life Story

Its been 3 years I am in offline mode to make Project Life. A very very long time, right? So right now I am in the midst of catching up to make a fast progress in my project life. Three years ago means Timothy still 2 years old and now he is almost 5 years old.
These past 3 years has been a busy years for me because I already make a commitment to be a fulltime mom to my 2 kids. Last year Emily, our daughter was born, and days become busier than ever, lol. I mean its really busy and take a lot of emotional things as mom of two, I feel tired twice + lack of sleep twice than before, but at the end of each tiring days somehow I always reminded that I have to be thankful and grateful for what I have right now : family.
Everytime I open each pages of my project life, I feel so so thankful to God for He is so good and He is always too good for us. I can see that each pages tell many stories that our family's journey, and its a good thing to see that from my hobby in scrapbooking I can keep many great and precious memories. Seeing it made me happy.

Below is the latest Project Life I make, its from the memories of 2015. Full of beautiful memories.
Product I use : Elle's Studio & Webster Pages.

I make my first short clip of my project life progress which you can see it on my instagram here.

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