Timothy / Month 20

Dear Timothy,
You are growing up a lot. Time flies and we just realize you are not a little baby anymore. But still you are our precious, our joy and our treasure. We see everyday how you enjoy your time to play, when taking a nap or enjoying your food. We see happiness when we see you, sweetheart.

You love to talk many words and almost everyday you talk a new word ( yeayy! ), which is make me and your papa feel so happy and excited, we are waiting everyday to hear what your new word for today.

20 mos. Its your age now. A lot of new adventure are waiting for you and we are so glad that we can share many good things with you dear son. We always pray all the best so that God's will will happen in your life. Love you so much, tim.

Love Love Love,
Papa + Mama.

28 May 2015.

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