Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
This is my first post on 2015.
But the pictures on this post are taken from mid of December 2014.
I just able to make about 1 blog-post on December 2014 because I had lot of things to do and mostly they were urgent things.

I captured these pictures of Tim when he was had fun in his daddy's workspace, me myself is in the middle of learning the photography skills. And of course my regular photo-object is Timothy!(ha!)

I had to admit that it's not a easy work to took good pics of a 1 year old boy who is in active move. But somehow I did enjoy the progress and love the results!

Around here, my baby boy Timothy is a active walker.
He even love to climb the stairs with exciting feel along with his cheer laugh.
He is a good listener of good music and like to make sounds everyday.

Around here, I write some goalsettings for 2015.
I pray before writing in because I know that I will need God's guide to walk through this 2015.

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