Timothy's First Birthday

Our baby boy, Timothy, is turning One this week and we are so happy. Like other mothers, I already have my ideal birthday ideas for his special day. But as you know that being a mom means you have not much free-time, I have to change some of my ideas. I purchased the alpha baloon and the paper medallion (previously I want to make it by myself but hubby unallowed me due to my tiny-time), also I ordered the cake. The birthday goodie bags are made by me. The muffins and the jellys also made by me and hubby. Also hubby help me to make the digital birthday invitation and some paper printed for birthday stationery.

Timothy's first birthday use theme yellow and baby blue. I chose the theme for cake using Pororo and friends icons, I should admit that the taste of the cake is good.

I can't believe that 365 days ago I gave birth to this charming boy. He is growing so fast, even now he can talk and scream ( I do not like this one ). Soon he will be able to stand and walk by his own.

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