Timothy / month 11

Photos captured on our first family trip to Puncak.

Dear Timothy,

You are almost 1 year old, my little baby. Yes, you just entering your 11.5mos age and I feel how quick the time passed by. From the beginning you were born and I decided to take care of you without help from babysitter/nanny, that decision is the best decision that I ever had. Both of us have to be thanful for your kind daddy, he is such a great man even he is tired after working but he always help me to take care of you, spending time to play with you, so I can have a little 'break' time.

I pray that you will grow well, keep healthy, be a kindhearted boy and never forget to keep smiling :) Me and your daddy are so happy that you will become a 1 year old boy in the next weeks ahead. We bless you, our little pumpkin, so that you may always have good things in your life, that you will know God more, that you will be a caring person to the people around you.

We love you so much much much................and much.
It will never enough for me and your daddy to express our love for you,boy.

love love love,
papa + mama

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