Food During Our Last Business Trip

from left to right : mee rebus, honey almond brea, dry fish noodle, laksa singapore.

When I and YJ went to Singapore for a business trip, we found some delicious food. We never planning our ittinery but lucky us, we ate many good foods during the trip. All the food photos were taken using iphone4s, belong to my hubby. Oh, I think I should get one for myself :)

For me who were born as Asian people, to eat the foods like that its feel like heaven. I really love noodle, I do not know why, but everytime in my trip, almost everyday I definetly will eat noodle. YJ even asked me like this : dont you even bored to eat noodle everyday?
But somehow I know I must stop eating noodle like a crazy. It is not the world will be die soon, right? The noodle contain many carbo and it will make me fat. I got my weight up about +16kilos during my last pregnancy, and the year after i still have to 'throw' away that weight for about 5 kilos more. I do not know why but it feel like a hard struggle to get your ideal body shape back. *sigh

This September I have more target, one of it is to loss more weight and become healthier with changing the way I eat and try to cooking more healthy food. :)

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