Why Blogging?

"Yeah, why blogging?", I asked to myself.
I started to make my first blog on 2010 when I falling in love with scrapbooking. The story can be read in here. Then after time passed by I just realized that BLOGGING IS KINDA LIKE A LIFESTYLE. Me myself is a type of people who loved to read about other's personal life even it's just a small or simple things through their blogs. Sometimes it become my addiction, in a positive way I mean.

When I visit others blog sometimes I get new inspiration and idea, and the most important is I meet some new blogger-friends! Though it kinda odd but through blogging-world I learn so many things, I learn how to write, learn how to make a good post-a honest post. I have several blogs that become my fave and always become my daily visit to their blogs, just to drop by, say hi and of course read the good posts.

What about you,"why blogging?"

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