Timothy / week 4.

Dear Timothy,
I want to call this story, a father and son moment.
He is a awesome man, a kind-hearthed guy who loves God with all his heart, mind and soul.
He is a hardworker. He is a wise man and always be my leader in our family.
He is a passionate photographer since 11 years ago, along with his first nikon then now with his canon. He is a moment-catcher.
He is your papa.

From the day you were born, he always helped me to nursing you. To take care of you. To change your dirty diaper. Even he learnt so many things about how-to-be-a-good-daddy. Every morning he took you to walk so you could have sunbathed. With his sleepy face, tired body, but deep inside his heart he loves you so much.

I write this post so someday you may read this writings. It may remind you about your babyhood, about old days and of course about us. We love you so much, our baby bean.

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