Timothy / month 1.

Look who is turning one month old today?
Yes, it's you my sweetie. Time passed so quickly then you are now one month old already.
Still, you love to drink milk.
Still, you sleep on 7 pm everynight.
Still, you loves morning.
Still, you are our precious, yet your grandmas and grandpas pride and joy.
Still, you are cute and adorable.
Still, your bright eyes always made our day feels like rainbow.
Still, your little fingers and toes are softy.

Just like the other Chinese traditions, when a baby turning one month old, the baby's hair will be cut into bald. Also we eat noodles (means longetivity) with red-coloured egg (on skin). Nai-nai (means grandma in chinese) bought a yummy cake for you, my beany. And look to those baby hampers, all made by me and your papa. Happy one month dear sweetheart. Keep growing and keep adorable always.

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