Welcoming My Baby Boy, Timothy Maxwell Johan

He is here.

What I and YJ dreamt for during these 3 years now finally come true. Our baby arrived safely, we named him Timothy, it means honoring God. Long before I found out that I got pregnant, I knew that I want to use that name for our baby. God answered our prayer with giving us a healthy and cute baby boy.

Timothy, the day you were born is our happiness and joy.
We were so exciting, especially for me, I felt a bit scared yet happy because this is my first time to delivered a baby. I kept asking in my mind, what you will be look like, but when we saw you on that day, our burden felt like flied away. We have our wishes and prayers for you, that you will become a warm-hearthed boy and you will know God and live fearfully in Him.

So, for the days ahead, we can't wait to experienced them by with you, our little sunshine.

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