Timothy / week 1.

Dear Timothy,

Seeing your eyes and your face made me feel a 'fluttered' in my heart. Still can't believe that you are here now with us. You've come and completed us. Your first cry and first smile, all of them really made my days so colourful. Even your dad had become a super quick learner on how to take care of you, put clothes on you, change your diapers, and take you to sleep with his singing ( honestly, your papa have a good voice, really....).

For this first week, I felt like I lost my energy, maybe because the lacked of sleep. I know I could feel the pressure but I oftenly reminding myself that I am a mother now, I have a new responsibility to take care this little beany. Luckly we have your nai-nai and ye-ye (a chinese versions of grandma and grandpa), they were so helpful while we need 'hands' to take care of you.

All I and you papa could say is we love you so much and we thanked to God, for He is good.
Keep growing our baby bean...

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