Sweet September Giveaway & The Lucky Winner!

Hi guys, have you visit our new web-store?
We've SALE items and free shipping* promotion in there.
For Sept Giveaway, the prize is ......

DoodleBug Sticker, Theme : Baby Girl

the rule :
- send your comment about our new web-store in this post. One person for one comment only.
- this giveaway closed on last week of Sept '12.
- we'll announce the lucky winner (by lucky draw) about one day after the closing on this blog.
- don't forget to write your name on the comment
- for the lucky winner who located in Jakarta,Tangerang,Bogor & Bandung, shipping cost is free.

Are you curious who is the lucky winner?
I ask my hubby to choose 1 comment from all 5 comments.
And he choosed this below.
For the lucky winner, please email us your address and mobile phone number to paperflavour@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

hi...congrats for the new web-store..
so cool...banget...
surprise sekali tampilannya...lbh fresh dan menarik.

semoga semakin sukses dengan produk2nya yg makin keren..

pelayanan dan responnya cepat dan ramah.
two thumbs up...^^
*selvana ( selvi )*

Rusydina Izzati said...

keren laah udah punya web-store. lucu lagi designnya! sukses!

Renni Susilo said...

Congrats on your store...
Request : banyakin lagi barang-barangnya dunks.. ehehehe

Renni Susilo

tri harvina said...

webstore barunya bagus deh mba, lebih fresh trus lebih rapi (terorganisir) jadi gampang kalau mau nyari informasi yang kita butuh..
trus yang paling penting warnanya kalem jadi gak buat pusing kalau diliatin lama2 ;))

Sukses, mba..

Tri Harvina Coniwitry Saragih

bemy said...

congratz ya buat web storenya ^^
smoga laris manis dan SALE makin banyak :D lalu variasi barang juga makin bertambah ^^
smangat yaaa \(^_^)/

Lilia Bemy

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