Giveaway period 20-25 March '12 & The Winners

Holla scrapper and crafter :)
Here we back again with Giveaway period 20-25 March '12 which this is one part of Paper Flavour 2nd Birthday Celebration. This is our 3rd Giveaways on this march.

For Giveaway period 20-25 march '12, here's the rule :
1.) Tell us your 1-2 critique about Paper Flavour, so we can make Paper Flavour better in each day. Enter your comment in this post. One person only allow to enter max. 1 comment^^
2.) We will pick randomly the 3 lucky winners on 25 or 26 March 2012 on this website
3.) Important: For lucky winner who lived in Jakarta,the delivery cost is free. For the lucky winner who lived in other city, the delivery cost paid by winner. Thanks!

The Rewards for 3 lucKY WinnerS :
selected mini die-cuts from Paper Flavour below. Total 60 die-cuts for 3 winners. Great,isn't? :)

GIVEAWAY WINNER DETAILS:Also thanks everyone for all your comments on this post. My husband help me to choose 3 lucky winners!

A big congrats,ladies! please email me your home address so I can get these in the mail for you. Last confirmation : 5 april 2012. We will held giveaway from march - may 2012. Stay tune for next giveaway. Thanks for stopping by!
Rusydina Izzati said...

banyakin tips and trik untuk buat scrapbook ;)

Details In Fabrics said...

Hi Paper Flavour,
Mmhh, tips&trik making scrapbook in lowbudget dan list harga produk yang dijual juga ada disini (karena gak semua bisa lihat fb semena2 :p).
Sejauh ini udah kece kok :D

*towel2 biar menang

selvana said...

hi...first time ketemu paper flavour pas searching2 di fb ..inspiring banget...apalagi utk pemula spt aku
can't wait to join the class this saturday...^^
kritik...mmhh gimana kalo adain sharing antar scrapbook lover? biar bisa tukar pikiran dan tmbh ilmu.. ^^
sukses selalu !!

airin tanubrata said...

kasih tau steps membuat scrapbooknya dan juga perluas lagi contoh scrapbook misalnya untuk oma opa, atau anniversary ortu atau friendship, dll:)

tri harvina said...

Kelas yang diadain cuma di Jakarta dan sekitarnya..come to Bandung, sist.. ;) and please let the delivery cost free for the lucky winner of this giveaway who not lived in Jakarta, hehee..

Farika Pramastij said...

Bikin kelas scrapbook di kota lain jg dong... sapa tau ada yg deket sm tempatku, kan bs ikutan :D said...

Hi,we already got the winners! Congratz!

Details In Fabrics said...

you have brighten my gloomy day.

*lotsa love, paper flavour

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