Foodie Friday : Cinnamon Rolls and I

This is my story about cinnamon rolls.
The first time I make a cinnamon rolls was about a month ago and it did quite well, the taste was delicious and moist.
I hate when I failed when making the dough and it happend to me 3 times when in making cinnamon rolls these 2 days. I have to wash the dishes 3x, clean the table 3x, and its so testing my patience.
When I am about to give up, I decided to read the recipe and I found out that I have to give it a try once more. Praise the Lord that the dough is good, even the look is not quite good (lol).

The last but the most important thing that I forget to do is capture the picture of the baked cinnamon rolls because after it finished baked, we ate 3 pcs of it without remember that I have to take the picture first.

I hope in the next batch of cinnamon rolls, it tastier than before.

Memories Monday : Project Life Pulang Kampong

I try to put some little notes on the pictures for my project life and I quite love the result.
Also add white border on the pictures is also a lovely things I like.

Product I use : Simple Stories.

I also make a short clip helped by my talented husband, you san see the clip on my instagram here.

Foodie Friday : Banana and Choco Chips Muffin

On this month I challenge myself to try to do baking.
Which I never thought that I will do this because I didnt have an interest about pastry, baking or cake.
When I tried to bake this Banana and Choco Chips Muffin, I think I would failed (lol) but it wasnt. The muffins taste is really good even Timothy and Emily eat 3 pcs of it. I am happy everytime I see my kids loves to eat my food. Especially when Timothy said : "its yummy, mama!".

So, whats next to bake?

Timily Thursday : First Post

Hi, starting from this month I decided to make the series of Timily Thursday. Timily is the short of Timothy and Emily. So this is a series of crafty post I make with the kids.

This is the first post of Timily Thursday.
I ask the kids to play with acrylic paints on canvas. Then I do mixed it with scrapbooking, with add a picture and words. I kinda love the result. How about you?


Hai, dimulai Dari bulan ini saya memutuskan untuk membuat seri Timily Thursday. Timily itu singkatan dari Timothy dan Emily. Jadi ini seri dari artikel kerajinan tangan yang saya buat dengan anar-anak.

Tulisan ini adalah tulisan pertama dari Timily Thursday.
Saya mengajak anak-anak untuk bermain dengan cat akrilik diatas kanvas. Lalu saya memadukan dengan scrapbook, menambahkan foto dan kata-kata. Saya lumayan suka dengan hasil akhirnya. Bagaimana dengan pendapat teman-teman?

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