Finally : Paper Flavour is on Youtube!

A long time not updating this blog and here i am with the latest projects :

1. Video : Japan Stationery Haul part 01
This is my first time to make video about stationery haul but i'm excited when made it because i really had a great time while stationery shopping in Japan last autumn 2018.

2. Video : Paper Flavour En Route
This is a short video about my visit to Traveler's Factory in Tokyo Station. The shop is small but the products are so unique, delightful and great. If you are a stationery lover like me, you have to be careful not to be tempted to do a BIG shopping in here, lol :D

3. Video : 101 PF Journal
I make editions about journaling and named it with #paperflavourjournal. I would like to share what I make in my journals and be more creative in making it.
I hope you will like the videos I make, this is the link to my youtube channel.
Please join the subscription to follow updating video projects about scrapbook, craft, and daily life.
Thank you for reading my blog.

- Pad -

Foodie Friday : Cinnamon Rolls and I

This is my story about cinnamon rolls.
The first time I make a cinnamon rolls was about a month ago and it did quite well, the taste was delicious and moist.
I hate when I failed when making the dough and it happend to me 3 times when in making cinnamon rolls these 2 days. I have to wash the dishes 3x, clean the table 3x, and its so testing my patience.
When I am about to give up, I decided to read the recipe and I found out that I have to give it a try once more. Praise the Lord that the dough is good, even the look is not quite good (lol).

The last but the most important thing that I forget to do is capture the picture of the baked cinnamon rolls because after it finished baked, we ate 3 pcs of it without remember that I have to take the picture first.

I hope in the next batch of cinnamon rolls, it tastier than before.

Memories Monday : Project Life Pulang Kampong

I try to put some little notes on the pictures for my project life and I quite love the result.
Also add white border on the pictures is also a lovely things I like.

Product I use : Simple Stories.

I also make a short clip helped by my talented husband, you san see the clip on my instagram here.

Foodie Friday : Banana and Choco Chips Muffin

On this month I challenge myself to try to do baking.
Which I never thought that I will do this because I didnt have an interest about pastry, baking or cake.
When I tried to bake this Banana and Choco Chips Muffin, I think I would failed (lol) but it wasnt. The muffins taste is really good even Timothy and Emily eat 3 pcs of it. I am happy everytime I see my kids loves to eat my food. Especially when Timothy said : "its yummy, mama!".

So, whats next to bake?

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